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Great Clio stuff in the new CCC mag.

excellent stuff, as usual, from the CCC team..

hot hatch shoot out.. cup gets good n bad.. ctr and mcs win the day though...

review of super 1600 2.0ltr clio

as always, a great mag...

  FRST and 106 GTi

hum... cant you scan the review?

Super1600 shouldnt supose to be 1.6lts 16v? or is a 2lts down to 1.6lts? vvt stuff its something to keep.

I think it would be ok to scan, when the next issue is out, so we dont tread on too many toes.. I will do that in a few weeks...

as for the super1600, yes, I thought that, however, they are quoting 2ltr F4R ??.

How come you have the latest issue??? Not out until Fri...are you a subscriber....CCC really is the best mag about, I rate it over EVO...last issue was damn fine, as ever!!
  FRST and 106 GTi

damn... just went throught 3 different high mag seller stores and no one sells CCC :(:(:(

How can I get info about subscribing the CCC? how much is the issue. :/

Butre, I will post the details this evening..

and, I just read further.. its a renault bonanza this month !!.

Clio Cup group test.

Clio Super 1600 report and detail

Spider gets a handling makeover.

nice one guys..

Yep must agree CCC is a superior mag to all the nonsense that habits the shalves of newsagents, it used to be even better a couple of years ago, seems to have slimmed down a bit, but article quality is superb and they know what they are talking about, think its the only mag staffed by proper knowledgeable enthusiasts, rather than media studies graduates who often know piss all about motors, I think MAX PONCING and its illk are laughable.

Alex M

CCC is the best motor mag out there, closely followed by EVO, all the rest are sh*te, such as Top Gear, Car and I wont even mention Redline, Max Power etc. they are just pure sh*te, more like soft porn mags and not about motors..

no way gal.. jeeeeeeeeeeeeeez..

Mine would have a full recliner, aircon, a book rack.. and bloody sound-proofing so I cant be nagged,

its serious stuff in there ya know... u women aint bin born yet !!!.. we make the best decisions for YOUR future in the bog, and you spend time trying to get us OUT......................

I will never understand........ write 100 times....... I will nev................
  1995 Mondeo Speed Machine

CCC consistently comes out top. It used to have more kit cars though which I like. They seem to be covering more production road cars now as well as the race stuff.

I thought the Corvette feature in the last one was quality. Couldnt help but notice the Max Farmer influence tho, did you see the Lexus style rear lights for a scooby and Carbon Fibre style wipers near the back, you have been warned!!!