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Had to happen some day... :(

Well... bored out of my mind.... back seemed a little loser today so with tablets down me, i got in me car and headed out on the dry road.,...

SHORT FEKING LIVED! - it started raining.

go round the corner... let a car cross the road...

i accelerate to 44mph, this green man pops out from behind a sign like a feking mental patient and yes its a copper!


i turned round.. noticed he was writing my number plate down.. otherwise i woulda carried on.

"step out the car please sir"

um... its raining, cant i stay in the car?

"step out the car please sir"


"drivers license?"

(give it to him)

"u realise u accelerated from 0-50mph and back to 44 in just 23 meters from a standing point? - do u know what the speed limit along this road is?"

(wow! i said thats some grip on the road - jokingly - 30mph innit?) :p

"yes thats right, so why were u doing 14 over. do u have an explination for ur speeding?"

(the footy is about to start... and its raining)

"sure its not that the car is too powerful for you?"

LOLOLOLOL god what a r****d

so he writes me out a ticket.... got to go to parish hall on 12th of this month to get my fine doh! and its £5 every 1mph speeding.. so its £70 as it was a 30 zone

he also showed me the speed camera... quiet a cool bit of kit actually...

after phning my mate... he told me i should have asked to see the calibration certificate for the speed camera, to show if it had been calibrated within the last 24 hours...

if he couldnt produce that, then i could have got off :(

oh well. knew i shouldnt have gone driving!

sh*t bad luck mate, i know how u feel (sort of) - i woz in the car when my mate got done by one of those bastads!

ive heard the same thing about the calibration certificate, but i think that most of them do play it by the book and you would be very lucky if they didnt have one!

just another statistic for the big revenue-earning pigs!

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Can someone confirm, or not, that this calibration thing is right? Only if it is its damn useful to know innit!!



  Shiny red R32


Pity that you didnt wait until your back was completely better.

I am sure that your mum will pay your fine for you!


Ok so you were speeding, they got you for that. You shouldnt really speed in a 30 zone. Kids brains are a bugger to get out of your grill! (car not oven)

But he mentioned your acceleration. Since when has it been illegal to accelerate fast?



  Shiny red R32


You might have got off with just a warning had you not given the policeman a bit of cheek, which probably aggravated him.

It is best to get out of your car and stand beside him, especially if you are not very tall, as he might then take pity on you and say "on you go son"!

Apparently the calibration is supposed to be checked on a daily basis, so your mate and Steve are right and it is probable that not many people are aware of this so that at the time of being stopped, it has been forgotten and isnt mentioned.
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Ive been told by a friend (in the trade so to speak) ALWAYS get out the car when you get pulled. 0-50 in 25metres in the wet????? Bloody hell thats impressive!!!!!

hehe GR, not told my parents!! theyll go ner ner ner ner blah blah blah told you so etc etc...

wasnt like i was doing 100mph breaking the law... 44!!! its like the max u can do in jersey without them stopping ya :(

the officer looked like a weasel... so i couldnt resist being cheeky!! + the fact he made me get out the car.. i couldnt hold it in.. :|

PaulRobo.. really?? even today? how i go about that?
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Maybe he was thinking something along the times of "Maybe if I irritate this prat enough hell give me some cheek and then Ill have every excuse to give him a fine", so he pulled you out of the car

You got lucky mate, I was fined £150 for doing 48 outside Honda Garage at 2am going to Itex. Think of the good thing tho

You get your name in the paper hehe