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Hello, I’m new

Hello people,

Thought it was about time to register myself on this forum. My names Ben by the way and I currently drive a Seat Ibiza 20V Turbo (boo, hiss, boo).

Its not a bad car for what its worth but Im 99% sure on changing it for another renault. Particularly the 172 or clio cup. I miss the NA engine as I use to have a 19 16v which was great fun.

I have been tracking the clio cup info on this site, magazines and now the official renault website and I must say am well confused as to what the real performance figures are compared with the luxury 172.

If theres not much in it then whats the point, apart from presumably better handling, lighter and limited edition colour.

Ive even considered getting a mk1 172 as you can pick em up for about £9k with reasonable mileage.

What do you guys think?

Ive test driven several times the mk1 and mk2 both in Aylesbury and Milton Keynes and was well impressed. Love the sound of the engine compared to mine. The sound is much more involving and the levels of grip are so cool when tackling roundabouts and twisties.
  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams

Hi Ben,

In real life, I doubt there is any serious advantage in performance. However, I have not driven a Cup, so am not best placed to comment. Being the car nut I am tho, I would want the Cup due to its exclusivity. I saw a 172 Exclusive the other day (the green ones) again the same as a 172, but just rare. Not that 172 are that common anyway I spose. I think the Cups look quite nice, apart from the face (not a mk2 face fan).

Let us know what you decide.



  Shiny red R32

Hello and welcome from me too. It is good to have another Ben here to join the eight other Bens!

So who on the forum has put down a deposit for a clio cup then?

And if so what delivery date have you been given?

Problem is, Im a sucker for anything that is called or is a limited edition or exclusive, whether it be cars or DVDs etc.