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HELP! all you 172 owners with a MAGNEX exhaust

how boys and girls i have to choose my exhaust tomorrow for my mk2 172. i wanted to go for a mongoose to be a bit different, but when Elite went to order it they were told that they dont make the tailpipe i want anymore, which brings me back to the Magnex. im after an exhaust with a bit of noise and a nice raw when booted, so the question is, HOW DO THEY SOUND WITH AN INDUCTION KIT? thanks people

K-tec racing do a system thats better quality than the Magnex....go for that.

cliosport also get a discount on it too.

call david on 1202 855020.

you WILL be happy.

yeah but its gonna be well hard for me to get there, i no they can deliver but i could do with them fitting it for me.

how do Magnex sound though?


but fitting is dead easy!

or bring it to your local.....give em 20 quid....i would rather pay for the K-tec. i have tested both and overall, i like the k-tec as it better quality and mandrel bent to a high degree.
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I dont have an induction kit, but the Magnex basically gives a nice rumble at low revs, gets quite loud at around 70-80mph in top, then the noise becomes less noticable inside the car as you go faster, but much louder from outside. If you see what I mean. Roamer has ordered a k-tec exhaust so itll be interested to see what he thinks of it when it comes. NB. If you get a Mangex and have it fitted by an approved outlet it will have a lifetime guarantee. Not sure about k-tec for this, but its gotta be worth asking them if you like the look of their zorst.