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Help assistance Needed to diagnose / get my 172 Runnining (Wrexham North Wales)

finch wxm

ClioSport Club Member
  clio 172
Anybody good with Clio 172's who could help me out / diagnose why I cant get my Clio to fire up.

The car has been off the road since I purchased it as it was a project for trackdays .

Due to a serious road accident and injury I think ive had the car 4 years now and still not driven it :-( .

I removed the engine and dropped it off at Birchdown for cambelt and de-phaser puller change and new pumps fitted.

I have got the Engine back in the car but I cannot get the car to start , Its turning over but not firing.

Fuel is getting to the injector rail but not sure if im getting a spark , need to be checked.

I did fit a new TDC sensor prior to removal of engine as one day the car would not fire up .

If anyone is willing to come down and take a look and go through some checks with me I would be happy to cover your costs.

The car is on my drive and it would be a pain trying to get it towed to a garage .

Let me know if anybody is willing to come give me a hand , I would love to get this on track this year.


I have the exact same issue just now mate. It's an absolute ball ache to source the problem :/ hope you get it running soon though
  172 + tweaked laguna
Got a guy called Ben who runs a company based in Deeside called 'Ignition'. He is a Renault guru and will have it sorted for you in no time.

finch wxm

ClioSport Club Member
  clio 172
XRMike , Is he mobile at all ?

There wasn't a lot of fuel in the car on stripping and I put some fresh fuel afew weeks back

finch wxm

ClioSport Club Member
  clio 172
Anyone who can help ? I am willing to pay if somebody can diagnose or get it running