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Help Hardwiring power for a sat nav/phone

  Silver ph2/Mk2 Clio 172
Hey I need some help.

Just got my 172 a couple of weeks back. I have and iphone with an in car charger/dock that plugs into the cigarette adapter. I also use the iphone as my Sat Nav.

Problem is the cigarette adaptor is way down by the gear knob and it’s not practical to have a Sat Nav screen down there.

I want to keep the existing cigarette power port available, but wire up another cigarette style power socket up around where the A-Pillar meets the dash.

Can anyone help get me started on how I might be able to do this?

Would be eternally grateful.
sorry was a long time ago

you need a molex plug/female cig lighter and a wiring loom with an inline fuse


fuse rated to no more than 5 amp but preferably the same rating as your product your fitting
  Silver ph2/Mk2 Clio 172
Can you get these at longer lengths. Do I plug it in somewhere or have to splice and solder in.

Question is I need to secure the end connection so to plug my phone/satnav too without it being able to flop about. Not sure of the best way to do that
depends where you get it from but just cut off the plug and solder on a length of cable rated highly enough and then make sure to add an inline fuse then splice into a feed from the fusebox.

depends where you want the plug i had mine in my clio underneath the dash cable tied in place