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HELP ME!!!! 197 exhaust standard to ktec pro

  Clio R27 F1 LY
Iv got to the point where everything is off on my exhaust and now it's just a case of sliding the standard exhaust off. Do you have to cut it to get it over the rear beam or??? Please get back to me ASAP thanks Tom.
  LY R27
Jack car up, remove two bolts that hold the bottom of the shock to the rear beam. rear beam will now fall.
Keep it in this position (Maybe remove springs)

Et Voila...
  LY R27
Its not too hard mate, literally two bolts! It will help if you put a jack underneath it, as the beam will just fall other wise. then slowly release the jack. This will be the same but in reverse for refitting.


ClioSport Club Member
  Raider, 172, the van
Not as easy as that bud.. To avoid damaging the car jack the rear up.. Axle stands on jacking points.. Remove the 2 damper bolts... Remove the 3 bolts on the drivers side ( holds the beam to the car) make sure before hand you unclip your abs wires... Exhaust will slide off in 1 piece.. Bolt beam back to car... Jack beam up bolt dampers back in... Starting from manifold assemble exhaust only nipping clamps.. Final fit everything... Tighten up all clamps... Diffuser back on... Lower down to floor and start up... Finito took me about an hour on the floor.