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Help please! Strange whining noise after new alternator (172).

realnumber 1

ClioSport Club Member
Hi, my mate had his alternator changed (with a new one) a couple of months ago. Ever since it's had a strange whining noise. My first thought is that it's had a faulty alternator fitted but he says that the garage has told him it might be the water pump or a pulley.
Can anyone shed any light on this? It's due to be looked at by the garage that fitted the alternator but I want to make sure that they don't try and say it's something else when infact it's the alternator just so they can get away with charging him for work when it could be their fault.

Here's a vid and any help will be much appreciated. Thanks!



ClioSport Club Member
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If the noise has been there since they fitted the alternator its probably that,sounds like a bearings on the way out and was/or faulty to start with,as we all know parts can be from new

realnumber 1

ClioSport Club Member
That's what I think!

The garage has said it's the bearings and is going to change the belt and tensioners. Can't help but wonder if he's trying to cover his own fuckup so he can get away with charging to fix it... He should have noticed it when doing the alternator I would've thought?