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Hi, how to find good garages

Hi hows it going Im new here...

Couple of months ago picked up a 93 1.4RT im 19 and its my first car so this is all exciting / scary.

Ive allready had a cat back exhaust and filter fitted but now im interested in some other mods.

Specifically in the near future I want to have lowering springs fitted, have the doors delocked and bump strips sprayed, have the bonnet debadged - with evo/f50 vent and bad boyed and possibly a bodykit and bigger alloys.

Thing is i dont know where to go to speak to anyone about getting any of this done, Theres loads of awesome places done in the south near Bournemouth/Dorset, but Im in Nottingham. (Im actually really near to Prima but dont want to use them after hearing many bad things & they also seem expensive)

So can anyone point me in the direction of a good place nearby to buy/have upgrades fitted and or for coach work?


If manchester is not to far then sabre auto styling are the muts nuts, (Check out my mates pug 306 on the gallery)if you have seen the max power astra they designed and made the bodykit.

yeah sabre are very good, unique and look after your car for u.
Having watched the Astra right from the start go from what it was to what it is now was unbeleivable, theres only one prob with them and its called speed bumps !!!!! To get to the garage u have to go down this road with unbeleivable speed bumps i honestly dont know how they get half the cars out of there without taking half the front bumper off!!

Cheers, Im not near sabre in Notts but then I do go to Uni in Leeds so ill check it out in a couple of weeks :)

Out of interest does anyone know if its hard to fit a steering wheel and boss? My local halfords can fit the momo ones, but obviously charge for it - was wondering if it was easy to do? Epecially getting the s.wheel in alignment with the wheels.