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How do YOU get polish/wax from off of your trim


tried all sorts, AutoGlym Bumper Care included, along with a toothbrush...

It pretends to get rid of the polish, making every nice and black again, but as time passes and it wears off, the "whiteness" returns....

Any tips....

face (and his almost albino trim...)


  Shiny red R32

Advice? Be very careful not to get any polish on the trim! Dont know what the answer is but someone here will know. Is it just a tiny amount or are you very careless and slap it on everywhere?

next time you filling your car up get a cloth dip it in some petrol and wipe the white bits on the plastic, should come off straight away

use meths and a toothbrush to scrub off the wax on the trim, followed by bumper black or something similar to re darken the trim. WD 40 is an oil, and will only seal in the wax marks!

try this one, i have been told that you must just keep rubbing the polish with a cloth then it comes off, I cant see this working but its worth a try. WD40 can damage some plastics so be careful.

Mine has know been on the for many weeks, as i keep trying to get rid of it, and cant.

Tried using meth. spirits, but unfortunately, that made it worse.

What about pure alcohol? What do you think?


Ha ha...

I gonna get some alcohol from work tomorrow and try that... This is the reason i wish the 172 was completely colour-coded. Would save all these problems.

Let you know how i get on...



  Shiny red R32

I wonder if Captain Slartys eucalyptus oil would take the polish off the bumper!