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How not to apply stickers....

  Mondeo diesel barge
I put my sticker on at a slight angle, annoyed me but can live with it. That one is just bad, but the exhaust takes centre stage, small children would get lost in that :rasp:
Good price?? For the s**t wheels, exhaust, stickers and the fact that it is on 91k with a peeling wing?
  421 Cammed 172
To be fair i've seen worse wheels being put onto a clio.

They're not bad wheels probably just as they're not usually sprayed black, but left white.
  BMW M135i
I've seen far far rougher cars for the money tbh, all easily sortable. And despite the looks the magnex will sound pretty damn good atleast.
  Ph1 172.
LOL at the sticker, unfortunately i can't laugh at the exhaust as it looks very very much like mine. I can't wait to have the money to take it off...