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how sh*t was this

  Clio 1.8 16v

went picking this girl up for the 1st time and she was mint like a model n e way just cruisin to the picks and she said is your car FAST!!!i said course so she said over take that car then so i floored it and my car just died!!!i felt like that too the bloody petrol pipe near the engine mount had come off god i could not believe it thinkin of sellin my car now and gettin a scoob!!!!how much do u reckon i would get for a Mreg Naples red 1.8 16v with full mongoose on induction kit lowered 35m recon gear box still got 1year left on that and new clutch with a 2 year warrenty on that too?body work is mint got polished 3 times a day in the has this ever happened to u when u have taken a girl out?all hope is not lost though meeting her 2night in bolton MINT!!!!!

lol, i gotta laugh at that!

and no, never happened to me. never been asked by a girl if my car is fast or not. Never met one who knew or cared to know anything about cars to be honest. My ex looked suprised when I told her the brakes were behind the wheel as you look at it. Had never crossed her mind that the brakes might be there. Funny stuff, she took great delight in ripping me to shreds when I had to jump on the internet to find out how to iron when my ma and pa went on holiday. Shame on me!

Ive stalled and jumped forwards with people watching. Tried to start the engine again quietly but me exhaust had other ideas.

Hope you get it sorted soon mate! Wouldnt sell it though just because of one problem, though - sounds pretty mint.


Lol, never ever had that!

Never jumped or come close to stalling in front of people before, but that wasnt in a clio.

Only embarrising things with girls is going to fast in me Pug, and coming a bit too close to wrapping it up. The girls just usually look scared sh*tless, and want nothing more to do with me!

Good job my gf is of two years!

Gees man thats crap. Iv never had that problem cause mine is a 1.2 so i wouldnt even try and floor it.

And most girls iv went out wif are afraid of fastcars


ClioSport Club Member
  Lazy v8

worst i had was i was in a car park where a load of boy racers were and i decided i was bored and was gonna go home ne way went to pull out of car park on to a main road and put some power down and pulled out, looked in my rear view mirror to make sure no pigs were behind me and all i could see was SMOKE, which later turned out to be steam cos 1 of my coolant hoses blew off with the preasure of the water and it all hit my exaust manifold and turned to steam. god i sh*t my self that night.
  Clio 1.8 16v

all went good last night met up with her and she still wants me to take her out thank god.although all of her mates new me{oh u r andy whos car broke down hehehe}found were the fuel line has come off its under the top engine mount and i cannot see were it goes at all there is no room to get my hands down so i am gonna have to get a garage to do it,, gutted more money gone on repairs.and also had sum 1 nick a bump trip off my car just as i got em all colour coded does n e 1 know how much they cost?