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How to run in an engine

I might be getting too excited about the prospect of getting a date for my car back, but i was wondering your views on the best way to run in an engine. Captain, BenR any tips? I have been told by some people that the best way is o drive it fast but dont rev it. That is supposed to open it up quicker and make it go faster in the long run! any truth in that? look forward to your views and hopefully get it run in before the track day.

my, my father and his race team have always and will always rag an engine from day 1.......
there is no danger as long as you change the oil every few000 miles...
the power dif can be quite alot if run in below 3500rpm or what ever.


  Shiny red R32

Ben, I bet your dad doesnt have to buy his own car does he? I can imagine that everyone who has a company car rags it also!

I alwas ru new cars in slowly, dont go over 4000rpm (its hard but worth it). The car will open up better and stay quieter for longer, gives the engine time to settle in. Proved it is worth it, my old Fiesta I got 8 years ago is still running sweet as a nut. Normal services and nothing has ever broken, not bad for 86K!(nothing bar normal wear and tear that is).

Look after a new car, it will benefit you in the long run
  Nissan R35 GT-R

The best way is to phaze the engine in gradually. Heres what ill be doing when my Cup arrives:

0 -500 miles: max 3,000 rpm
500 -1000 miles: max 3,500 rpm
1000-1500 miles: max 4,000 rpm
1500-2000 miles: max 5,000 rpm
2000-2500 miles: max 5,500 rpm

You may think this is a little over the top, but it wont hurt to do it, where-as over-reving to early might!


everybody does it......well, the people who care abot pure power.....

if it fails so what, you get a new engine.

just rag it...all the big race team done bother running it in....itll stay tight forever.

i have never had any probs with the car....after 14,000Km of PURE ragging, as its used as a demo car as well.

The big race teams rebuild their engine after every race. If one can afford to follow such maintaince standards, running in, I agree, is unnecesary.
  Nissan R35 GT-R

Well Ill run my engine in properly and well see who has the least engine problems.

Race teams have a lot more money (and sponsors) than I do!