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I’m not sure what to think of this

Today while out shopping i noticed an old lady about 75-80 years old making her way slowly along the car park propped up by her walking stick. She then walked up to a Ford Ka, then walked past it a got in to black 172! I suppose she went in to the dealer for a run around and got sold that, mind you she did seem to have a very heavy right foot when she drove off!


  Shiny red R32

Good for her! There is an elderly grey-haired lady near me who zooms around in her silver Honda Civic TypeR!

GR Thats East Lothian for you. I have a friend whos granny drives a civic vts!! Very slowly it has to be said though!


  Shiny red R32

Forgot to say that the old lady told me that she used to be a rally driver and her previous car was a fast Honda.
  172 sport,

lookers in sos have just releasd the clio f1 its a dead ringer for a 172 same bumpers wheels etc but is only a 1.2 16v maybe the old grapper was in one of them im hoping they dont sell many or ill have every festa zetec s trying it on thinking im an f1 1.2

Make a note of where this lady lives and then buy the car off her when she gives up driving!

Should be pristine lil car like my last clio was
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Cars like that would be awesome to buy - theyre always services reguarly, and also seem to sell them really cheaply, my mate bought a Punto GT from a NUN!!! 36K Miles, Serviced every 5K Miles on the dot, paid about £2500 for it on a 1995 M, this was about 2 years ago too!!!!