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I now have 180BHP!!!.....the graphs

  ICE'dberg MK2 172
  ICE'dberg MK2 172

No, but if equated to the percentage difference of my last @TW figure at PE then its about 146bhp....again nearly 20bhp up.
  320d M Sport

At the Bury RR Day I got 152@ Wheels, dont know what that was at Flywheel? but the car is standard??
  ICE'dberg MK2 172


You cannot compare rolling roads. I think you have been in Roamers which has given similar results to mine on PEs rollers and you said it flies. How do you compare yours to his? The usual transmission loss is around 25% or about 34bhp so you have got 190bhp standard.

great to see the output matey, after the work it shows it just keeps on pulling and pulling - :D

Paddy aint been in mine Chris, infact the only guys who have been driven in mine are Fred2001Dynamic and....... erm....... well, by tomorrow Telford_mike, javascript openWin pop_up_profile.asp?profile=3942 , profile , toolbar=0,location=0,status=0,menubar=0,scrollbars=0,resizable=1,width=440,height=370 ">Matt - Leics has been behind me in the convoy to York though and commented on the loudness of the exhaust ! hehe
  ICE'dberg MK2 172

must have got fred and paddy mixed up...he..he!:oops:

that K-tec is so loud i think that if the centre silencer they are developing doesn quieten it up a bit there may well be a bargain in the for sales

Be really interested in what other peoples impressions are in comparison to theirs. I think Cliosport should have another rolling road day, I think we could convince a few sceptics;)

Yeah, good idea, another RR day, esp. whilst its nice and cool.

Well, Mike will be trying mine tomorrow, so Ill et him to post up what he thinks about it, whether he can feel the difference or not compared to his.
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Looking forward to it - I also have a plan to test precisely which of these mods is making the most difference :D
  Renault Laguna Coupe

haha! Too busy ripping my own apart at the moment - The sh*tguards on the drivers side front decided to make a bid for freedom on the M54 last night and needless to say theyve made a pretty good job of destroying themselves :confused:.

The cunning plan around the re-map is an attempt to identify the effect of the Viper. As I already have zorst and Pipercross filter I think Ill get the Superchip & remap first and see what I get. If Im seriously down on the figures you and Chris have got then Ill fit the Viper and go back for another re-map. This might cost me a bit more for an extra couple of runs on the rollers, but at least well find out exactly how much extra the Viper provides.

So many mods, so little time....
  Nissan R35 GT-R

Chris - Very impressive mate. I think theyll have to have my Cup for a day after seeing those results. "Dear Father Christmas..." LOL!

Paddy - The graph shows predicted flywheel horsepower based on the rolling resistance measured on the run-down - these rollers are pretty accurate and you would probably see only a couple of bhp difference if you were to run the engine on a dyno.

Mike, Ive got a feeling that on the road the car performs better than on the rollers, but of course this is getting onto that highly debated question of the Ram Air Effect - so lets not start that one again :devilish:

Its not the ramair effect (which caused much discussion) but simply airflow...with a big open ended fan how much air will actually make it into the pipe for the viper....not a lot....with the HP kit, there are 2 optional scoops, foglight and underbody and still the air into these is not great from a fan blowing air at around10mph....on the road, the faster you travel, the greater the air flow will it always feels better on the road than on the rollers



This months PGTI shows a standard 172 with 152 at the wheels and another with the same mods as yours with 132???? So its not really acurrate those RR plots and another 8BHP isnt that noticeable unless u loose weight from the car like meself (900Kg) with 180BHP equates to 200BHP per tonne!!!!The cup racers have 900Kg weight with 180BHp and that only gains .5 seconds to sixty so a 180BHP 172 without any extra weight loss is pretty pointless really.

did everyone who got a r-tec exhaust have to get a remap?

And whos got the exhaust and a HP ik? how do they go together?
  320d M Sport

Yep, honestly i did cain it from day one. My feelings were that it had warranty and new engines are tuff as feck so i hammered it! Is that mag out now?


good on ya mate!

ditto to!

I had the chance to test maps, filters, exhausts individually and did over 10 RR sessions.

what came back was that in 37 C ambient temps (the RR is outdoors!!), the viper maxed out at 6bhp alone, the chip gave 4 but really smoothed out the torque curve, and the exhausts (jetex cup and K-tec) 2 & 3 bhp respectively. so the std system is pretty good. But i would love to try this new titainium system they have!

funny thing was on teh oudoor rollers, it made more peak power when it reained!!! on steel rollers haha.

Quote: Originally posted by DannyBoy on 19 December 2002

did everyone who got a r-tec exhaust have to get a remap?

And whos got the exhaust and a HP ik? how do they go together?
  ICE'dberg MK2 172

Its not the exhaust thats the problem its the IK that causes the fueling problem. Its the amount of air the engine is sucking in that the original engine map cannot allow the need for a custom program.

Just do wont be disssappointed.

25% trans. loss on modern front engined car is really b****cks...

i t should be around 10%... 25% would be for some harsh 4x4 systems...

where do you suspect to lose that loads of power? on two shafts in, very simple diff and then two shafts to wheels, and than rolling drag? no chance at all, sorry...

Chris what sort of chip do you have then? i thought superchips come designed for a standard cars set up and arent remapabel do you have a remapable chip in yours?


Yes your car is featured featured and it has given me a fue ideas on what to do to mine


  ICE'dberg MK2 172


I have the Superchips chip which was remapped into my ECU

I understand from other posts that the MK2 and CUP are the only ones that have a serial port to enable the software to be rewritten, hence the term remapping. The MK1s have to have a physical chip.

The benefit of remapping......the remap is just a piece of software that is downloaded to the ECU via the serial port, (under the ashtray) from a laptop and can be tweeked to take into account any mods such as IK/exhaust.... because they will all perform diferently. So, it is customisable for each congfiguration.

Roamer had 4 different files downloaded into his ECU to take into account his setup. When I had mine done I started off with his last file and had only 1 further file to tweek my setup.....we both run the same IK/zorst.

Whereas....... the physical chip comes with a standard map upgrade burned into the ROM which has been developed on the original car...IE OEM filter and exhaust.......but, you could go for a customisable chip.... IE Unichip which can do the same job as a remap but is more expensive. There again you could go for the Alpha X ECU approx £2000! and gain 20-30bhp and would probably loose all the aircon, trick headlights and other gadgets.

If youre getting a MK2 its got to be a remap in my opinion. It is totally custamisable for any configuration and there is nothing to see....... declare or not to declare!!!! now there is a question??
  mk2 172

isnt that alpha ecu witrh tbs to get 20 - 30 bhp? surely an ecu cant do that, forgive me if iv read that wrong!