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I really dont understand some people....

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  Civic Vtec y0
I had bought a car for spares a while back and have sold most of the stuff from it but the other day I was clearing out my gagrage and came accross a set of chrome wing mirrors that were on the car and I was just guna chuck them in the bin and they are IMO the most horrible things you have ever seen but I thought I would stick them on eBay with a starting price of £5 and No Reserve.

TBH I would of been very happy getting £5 for them, have a look at what they sold for!!!!!!
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  Liquid Yellow 182
Oh my god i would like sooo have given you like £40 for them they are like proper bad and would look sick on me clio
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some people have no style thats why, most kids still think lexus lights & light up washer jets are cool.
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  RS Meg 175
what you mean still :S they still are arent they?

i like having my bonnet looking like it houses two glow in the dark chuppa chups.

lol ;)
people just get carried away on FleaBay.