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ICE Info Needed

  Ph1 172 & others

1. Ok if i were to replace the standard blaupunkt cassette deck in my Mk2 Ph1 with a cassette headunit and CD Changer, would the hand controls on the steering wheel still work???

2. Will the standard tape headunit be able to power a set of focal 6x9s? im not wanting exccessive volume just decent quality sound untill i can sort the headunit.

Any info would be appreciated.


I think you would need some kind of wiring adaptor in order to keep the steering remote controls

whats a cassette? :oops:

the standard hu would power a set of 6x9s i would think, whether it would sound any good is another thing altogether!

Id wait till you can afford a good quality hu as thats the brains of the operation, your system will only be as good as its weakest link
  Ph1 172 & others

cheers mate, i will put the 6x9s in before the new headunit as they have been sitting in my garage for nearly a year now and they need to be used. thanks for the info mate.