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Inferno 182 Cup so far...


ClioSport Club Member
I thought i'd start my own thread. Its not really enough to go in the 'Projects' section, so in here it goes.

I bought my Inferno 182 2 weeks ago today (20th November if you're having trouble ;) ) and love the car so far!


Inferno 182 Cup.
42,000 miles.
Standard, apart from 182 alloys in gloss black.

I haven't had the time (or money) to do much to it yet coming up to christmas, but I do have a few plans:

Cup Splitter

Haven't really thought about much else yet, i will update when i do!

Anyhow, some photos:


A few with Aluco's PH1 in a warehouse in Leeds!






I took a half day today and gave the car a full clean! This should have happened a lot sooner, but with working until late and the awful weather last weekend it got put back. Excuse the mobile photos ;)



And finally i fitted the new style badges to the rear. I think this is a big improvement on the original style:


Yeah. Thats basically it for now! I know i still have a few things to do (HID's and Cup Splitter being at the top of the list) but i'm really pleased with how the car's looking so far. Love it!
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Nice, keeping thinking these are foreign cars for some reason... think its the usernames lol
  Dynamique Flamer
f**king random user name!! ROFL

You know what I am going to tell you, but other than that the car is lush <3 182s
  Titanium 182
Paul is the inferno master on here brookie, get him to pm you exhaust pics ;)
Brembo, you thought I was foreign ?!? :rasp:
<3 it brookie.
  Titanium 182
I have photoshoppings'd them myself, probably badly. They're pretty poor tbh. Uploading them now.
  Titanium 182
I've PM'd you and Tom the link to my photobucket brookie. Pics are up. The rolling ones failed.. Miserably...
  Titanium 182
Have you taken your mates from college out in it yet ? haha show up that guy with the mk4 gti :rasp: