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Infinity Reference 5010cs any good?

  Clio mk2ph1 1.2 Grande
Basically are these any good?

Dont have much money but need to replace my standard speakers as 2 have blown and i would like a much better sound than the dull factory speakers. Only looking for components for the front right now but suggestions for the coax's for the rear are appreciated.

How good are Fli speakers?

Or is there anything else that are better in my price range? £60 MAX!

  Focus RS Mk1
To be honest mate, no-one on here can tell you that ANY speaker is rubbish.

If you like the sound of it then thats what you like. Just becuase some random guys off the internet didnt like it doesnt mean you wont either. Doesnt matter weather its a £30 speaker or a £300 speaker, That the thing with audio, its all personal preference. If your ears like that sound then who cares what speaker it is or who makes it.

Try n get along to an audio shop (even halfrauds) and listen to the speakers on the walls.

Get a nice simple track and listen to it for a few seconds (10-15max) on each set of speakers, listen to one part of that track, eg the vocal part. and then you'l hear the diffrences.

i did this and was amazed at how different some speaker sound back to back.

Dont bother with the rears at all. Concentrate your efforts on the front.
  audi a6 3.0tdi
I've been using infinity refernce speakers in the past 5 cars i've owned. for the price i personally wouldn't use anything else. i've tried other speakers and none have sounded as good or lasted as long.
  2019 Leon Cupra
i have the 6.5" versions and they are great tbh, those 5.25" were £100 when they first came out, i paid that for mine in 06
  Clio172 / Focus Ti X
ive got a set up front of my Ph2 and i aint impressed with them. go for the kappa ones. a bit more expensive but definately worth it
  Audi TT 3.2 V6
Ive been using Infinity kappa's in my last 2 clios. For what you pay youll struggle to get better imo.

They do work better when amped however
  Mental 172 Cup
i had the coax version of the reference in the back of my old car and they were very good speakers for the money!