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Install Pics

  Megane R26

Finally got around to taken pics of my finished install.

All custom built by moi. Ice setup as follows:

Pioneer DEH-P80MP HU
Rainbow SL230 Deluxe Fronts
Vibe BlackBox 3 for above ^^
Vibe Space 12" sub in custom fibreglass box
Vibe monoBox 3 for above ^^

No rears, dunno if ill bother. The Rainbows are an amazing set of comps. Thanks Bryan for recommending!

that looks quality i love VIBE, loving the look of the space sub but not sure about its performeance in a clio. its gotta be really loud!? and rattle the car to bits.

looks really great wish i had the time to do something like that, i miss the VIBE BASSSSSSSSSS!
  Nike Lunar Elite's

Looks mint mate, was it difficult to cover it and did you buy any special material to cover it? Ive had my fibreglass install finished for ages now, but just havent got round to covering it.
  Megane R26

Thanks for all the good words chaps.

Yeah the the sub pod was from ebay (I cheated on one part :oops: :oops: ). Fibre glass pods that a bloke was making and selling, only cost £55. The thing is, dont know how much this matters but the pod has a vloume of 25 odd liters and the sub is recomended to have 37 :confused:. So dunno if im getting the right performance. Spoke to Vibe alot about a custom enclosure with this sub, and they did recomend a port, but still sounds the shizzle.

The box was bloddy hard to cover. Took me and my mate some f**king effort. Thing was the pod came with an 18mm base and was pre covered, I wanted to intergrate it into that side of boots false flooring. But realised it would be a b**ch getting the height right and everything, so decided to screw it on top, rip the cover off and recover the hole side. Carpet is just some 5.99 role stuff of ebay ;)

Really pleased with the way it came out. Still fidling with freqs on the amps, trying to get that perfect bass, but listening tastes ranging from some dirty drum and bass to the likes of Queen :eek: makes it hard work.

Shaunyboi, pretty easy just need to know your power tools. Easy way for flush installs, is to make a false floor and just use the boot carpet as a template. One sheet of MDF wasnt deep enough, so i got 2 sheets, lined em up next to each other and placed the boot carpet in the middle and drew round it. Got to exact halves.

Most consuming of the install was the wiring. Glad I found a 4 way RCA cable. But still runing 4g power wire was enough work.

Anyone wants some ideas or a hand, drop us a pm, pleased to help. Just gotta get creative when doing installs. Nothing is impossible. :D

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  Scooby STi, FiestaST

looks very nice mate.

I was wondering about trying to do a fibre glass box that sat in the gap above the rear suspension strut so you used the side gap area thats not really used for much.... The sub would then face in towards the boot / facing across to the other side of car.

what probs would i face trying to shove one in there ???

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