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insurance grouping

First post so dont know whether its been mentioned before, although I did do a quick search and couldnt really find anything specific.

Anyway my question is, what group insurance have people found their 172 mk2 to be in.

The brochure says 16D, but just rang my present insurers - Adrian Flux for a quote on a brand new 172 and they said that it is group 18!

Ive got a 306 Gti6 at the moment and with full no claims, 25 years old and 3 points its roughly 700 quid with them, but for the 172 it comes out at £1050.

The Gti6 is group 15 and as I said the 172, 18 and thats what they blamed the price difference on. I went on to say that the pefermance is virtually identical and everywhere else has the 172 on group 16, but she said thats how they group it.

Just wondered if anyone else had any other similar experiences?



Both the clio 172 and the 172 cup

Are 16D

Source: 02/12/2002 price list - renault uk (the latest one)

if flux have it as 18 they are wrong and i would urge all flux users to check this out.

Grouping is an industry standard but some cars do fall victim to cult status and thus exceed the industry grouping increasing the premium

Hence why at one point escort cosworths were nearly impossible to insure

Ive noticed it, its ridiculous, i think the mk1s are grp 16 and the new ones 17. Try directline, theyre pretty good. My premium on my 1.2 is ridiculous, coming up to £3,000. I have been driving in my dads M3 whilst my clio is having diagnostic checking and like since yesterday, if it werent for a family friend who has insured me for free i wouldnt even of been given a quote, and im only using it for two weeks! Ironically im driving it slower than i would my clio as im quite fearful of anything going wrong, so im probably less likely to crash.

As an add on question why is the 172 that high in insurance group anyway? Its hardly brash and yeah its fast but not that fast. How old are all you 172 drivers? Will i get insurance for when im 19 with one????

I agree!!! I was with Adrian Flux on my XR3i. They first gave me a quote on my 172 mk2 for £480 with free RAC cover...they gave me a ref no as I was still awaiting muy reg number. When I called back they said theyd made a mistake and wanted £830!!!

I eventually found directline to be the best at £520 and did it all online. Deffo worth a look!!!

Thanks Steve

tom, I dont think theyre is an industry standard as she asked if I got the 16 from the Glass guide as they use something different but I said no comes from renault, and she says that there are several different standards about. (sounds like make them up as we go along standards)

Wierd thing is that as my insurance isnt up for renewal until August Ive got to pay the extra to cover it till then, but they only want 200? So 700 + 200 =900, so where 1050 came from I dont know.

Probably do that and then search around in August, but I do remember that when I brought the gti6 Adrian Flux were by far the cheapest including the usual suspects, tesco, direct line etc, etc. Although I will ring them now just in case.

Watch out for rip offs like who only insure you for 10 months, so it appears cheaper and it means you have to renew with them.

rob - eh?

groups are a funny old thing. valvers are anywhere between 11 and 16 depending on who you ask. i normally ignore them and just get loads of free quotes on a car to get a ball park figure.


i went from an s16 pug to a cup, insurance went from 600-750 with directline (28 yo, 4yrs ncb), so pretty similar situation to you. tesco were also competitive but messed me around too much with my pug so i fu??ed them off.


Try Priviledge, I pay 600 quid fully comp for my Cup. I am older than you but I only have 2 years no claims, could be worth a look!

  320d M Sport

Not all Insurers use the same groups or view each vehicle the same... ie Norwich Union may have the 172 as Grp 16 whereas someone sh*te (Like Highway / Zenith) would have it undera different grouping. It would be nice to think all Insurers use the same could, in truth they dont. One company could have had excessive claims on a particular model and raised the grouping to cover the extra money theyve been paying out on claims, similarly (SP?) another co. could rate it a group lower as they consider it to be less of a risk....hope that makes sense?!!