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Interesting Rare Car I put on Ebay!

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  K20 EG Hatch
Right, I have been selling alot of cars and related parts/bits on ebay for a mate.
Anyways he had this one that he was just going to weigh in/scrap and then explained to me that they were only made for 18months so i offered to put it on ebay.

Been on for four days now and there is 68 people watching it and a shed load of people have called to come and see it!

How much you reckon it will go for?
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  Vectra :(
I would agree with above, anything up to a grand. However if they are a genuine limited edition and there are some ford collectors out there you never know. I remember seeing an Austin something or other advertised near me for something like £3000 and i thought it was worth 500 but it sold.

Good luck with it mate