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Ipad urgent help

  172 cup
ive just been using my ipad and put it to one side long enuff for the screen saver to come on then suddenly the screen went black and now i carnt do anything with it it wont turn back on or charge anyone no what could be wrong with it before i take it to the nearest apple store which is about 75 miles away cheers

Ste King 182

i have a i pod touch and some times when that runs out of battery it takes ages so start to charge when you put it on charge try pluggin it in and leavin it a good while ( hour or so ) then turning it back on .
  172 cup
i appreciate your help but normally its shows it charging ive never let it go flat so ill try what you have suggested
anyone else


  911 GTS Cab
i've had this a few times since moving to the new firmware, never happened before.