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Ipod adapter for Sony H/U

  Nike Lunar Elite's

I know how bad Sony H/Us are but as I cant afford to replace it Ive just ordered the new Connects2 interactive adapter from CAD. Does anyone know if the interface is any good? A lot of people have said that the Alpine interface is pretty slow so Im expecting this to be the same. Will save me a lot of room not having to cart CDs around which is the main reason for getting one. Ill have to try making a surround for it in fibreglass for the centre console.

I use the dension ice link, had it wired up to my sony cdxf7500 in my Mini - worked a treat (sound and installtion wise) in the mini as I could fix the cradle to one of the tubes that run down to centre console. Where as in in my 182 Cup its just rolling around loose in the cup holder tray in front of the ash tray. I might look for a cup holder cradle and bodge the docking port connection in to the bottom of the cup holder cradle.