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is a 30mm drop worthit

well ive posted a few threads now but now im gonna get to the bottom of it!!!!! for a decent comprimise between hadling and looks! is 30mm really any good?!?!? all the 40mm ive seen today look better (still hadle as well?!), but i want eibachs and they only seem to drop 30mm! grrrrr what to do! GRRRRR ive tried researchin but get sooooo many different reviews!!

I want the proper opinion from the CLIOSPORT massive, evryone who has actually done it!
  Renault Laguna Coupe

OK, here goes. What are your wheel plans? If you plan to fit 17"s at some stage stick with 30mm or youll get some rubbing. If youre staying with the 16"s then you can do either, but bear in mind that the quality of springs does vary. There are lots of poeple whove fitted 40mm springs and been perfectly happy, so there must be at least one good manufacturer of these, but I think the reason that 30mm Eibachs are so popular is the performance of the springs rather than the looks they bring to the car.

Once you start messing with the standard suspension - your asking for problems and diffs - u cant lower a car on standard shocks and expect it to perform perfectly - get used to driving the cstandard car and actuallty see how it can be improved rather than lowering for lowerings sake! Save up for Coilovers, anything else will cost more money in the longrun, from new top mounts, to wheel bearings, hubs and tyres, not to mention knackered struts - for £900 Leda coilovers have to worth it! Cheers for the PMs Dan!