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Is this a good deal

I wont know until tommorrow if this is still for-sale but some opinions would be nice as to whether the price is about correct. I think there is a warrenty aswell.

Clio Williams 2

2 owners

First Reg. 01/1995, 3d hatchback, Blue, Metallic, Stereo, PAS, Electric Windows, Central Locking, Alloy Wheels, ABS, 67000 miles, FSH, £5695

sounds ok, however trust your first impressions when you go look it over. Make sure you get a full HPI check also, last thing you want to do is get caught with your pants down buying a willy, ;)

Is that the one in Leeds? Its been advertised for sale since at least November 2002. Make sure you check it over well. Price sounds about right though. Oh yeah, check it has ABS as I didnt think it came on the 2 as standard....


Hi Cheers for the replies. Its Near Leeds - Poole. Its the most northerly one I can find - being from Inverness. Might shift on the price a bit if its been sitting for a while. Ill give them a call tommorrow and see what they say about it.