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Is This Right ? (Wheel Spacers)

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  Subaru, arctic 182FF
The advert says

Picture is purely for illustration purposes. Spacers supplid as a pair. To suit after market wheels.

Extended wheel bolts will be required when fitting spacers to your vehicle. It is the responsibility of the person fitting the spacers to ensure the correct and safe fitment. Please ensure the backface of the spacer is completely flush with the wheel hub when fitting, It is also critical that the correct amount of turns are obtained from the wheel bolt when tightening the wheel back onto the vehicle.


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  Too Many
I noticed it after posting so my bad.

Dont fancy using extended wheel bolts tho
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ive got similar to those on the front of my 182 in 16mm and extended wheel bolts and have no problems at all.. did a trackday on the weekend too and all fine...


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I have 2 sets of these spacers and they are blooming spot on :) I bought mine with extended bolts for £34 for a pair :)