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Its only been 1 month


ClioSport Club Member
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Since i sorned Betty and god have I regretted it ever since! So I will be taxing her as of the 1st of november, plus she now gets her own garage as I've managed to persuade my dad my vee should stay in there instead of his grand vitara
Out with the paint this weekend and security fittings!

Cant wait to drive her again, its like my toys been taken away :(
I've never sorn'd mine. I drive it all year round, apart from when it snowed earlier in the year. I'd never take it out in snow.
I can see why folk do it etc, I don't have the need or the space for a 'winter car' though.
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Painting your garage can be dangerous!

Some of us get carried away with colour schemes :D
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wish i had a garage. mine would be the same, completely empty (maybe a shelf with all my washing/detailing stuff on)
  Clio v6
This lot are pussies.

This is where I come in and say I TOLD YOU SO!
Free winter prep wearing a bikini for James for not listening to my advice.
WOMEN !!!!!