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James Bond-esque Race

Last Night I had the most surreal race ever.

I had to travel up to Wrexham for a meeting yesterday afternoon and went up for a quick coffee at my friends house near Coedpoeth. On the journey home, about 6pm suddenly I thaught a scooter pulled out behind me. This "scooter came flying up behind me, twin xeons and a f**king loud exhaust...

We are stuck in traffic through the twisties, and go into a streetlit area, and it isnt a scooter it is a quad. We join the Bypass, me trying to get the power down in the wet, him, sliding it around, fishtailing behind me.. I do one and relax at about 70 on the dual carriageway only to see him flying up the outside lane about 200 m behind me.

I pull off to take the Nantwich Road, as does he, and he comes flying down the slip road to the red lights at the bottom. he slides it sideways to a stop and sits there revving like a barsteward. I give it some gas onto the roundabout and drop off, as he seemed to have got in the wrong lane, he went around the round-about power sliding and on three wheels..

This guy was mental, he had a W reg road legal quad that was capable of doing 70mph??? And He did me off the lights to about 15 mph:oops:



I cant believe theyre legal to use on the road. Ive driven a powerful quad before in fields etc and the handlings all over the place so that must of been some kind of mutant

check the links out 400CC quads... it had number plate, lights, indicators, brake lights. the lot.

:) crazy hey

i want one...

it was pretty quick, and i wasnt fannying about, I was flexinging 60 - 70 at one point :)

£4500 quid they are.... as if you wouldnt buy a car with that money?