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Jekyll's RB182 Progress Thread

Coops Mk1

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  Lots of Scrap...
You teleport your car and not drive it? Its spotless !

Barely any miles on it that's why 🤪

It gets driven everyday! Currently on 148k and I've owned it since 106k April 2016.

Its no minter, but a used daily car thats cherished by myself, cleaned and kept up on maintenance the best I can 👍

Needs putting on track next


As ever looking amazing though Mark


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Few things have been done.

@Ash J was selling a brand new ph1 indicator stalk which i nabbed up as it was a good price and i knew it would be in ace condition as Ash doesn't sell any crap. Arrived very quickly.



All i had to do when fitting it was swap the cover plates over, which Ash told me about. Easy job to swap over but i didn't reset the steering angle sensor and had a right brain fart trying to figure it out. Once i sussed it, it was minutes to refit.






Sold the old stalk on so this one ended up costing me £10 which im happy with.

I recently got a screw in my rear tyre which gave it a slow puncture, so i was happy to not use the RB as my wife is off work, so i could use her car. I was never fully happy with the NS2R's and they was getting near the end of there life anyway. To be fair, after a good few runs out, they performed better than i originally thought, but not enough for me to replace them with another set. I was curious about the AD08RS's as liked the previous AD08R's but there is some various reviews on them. I did order some Michelin PS3's from ATS Euromaster and got a good price of £240 fitted which i thought was good. However i got there and they wouldn't fit them as the weight or some b****cks was lower than my NS2R's. Said i have XL's which the PS3's wasn't. To be honest i turned off when he asked me what they was originally and although i didn't know the numbers, i stated that they originally came with Michelin Exalto PE2's, to which he said he'd never heard of them and he's been doing tyres for 30 odd years!

So i got a refund and then ordered some Yokohama AD08RS's from Kwik Fit for £280 fitted. I took my wife's car there a few weeks before and the service was good so decided to take mine there. (Im a bit more protective of my car) TBH I couldn't fault there service. They made sure to drive on a flat bit going in and out because the RB being a tad low and asked what pressures i wanted and torque setting for the wheels as i run studs.


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A few standard new tyres fitted pics.




I recently had a lumpy idle issue. Car sounded like a scooby and i was getting the flashing EML light on the dash. Its common that its normally injector related, and usually number 3 so i bought a new one off Amazon.



Typically today when i started it up, it ran fine. My plan was to unclip the plugs to see which one didn't change, but all started fine, so i just took a punt and swapped injector 3 anyway.



Started fine, sounded better and no dash lights so fingers crossed. I need to go to work tomorrow so I'll give it a run to make sure its all good. Fingers crossed.


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  Cliosport 182 ff
Haven’t ready this thread in a while, love it mate.

I recently became a father aswell, little girl. The best feeling in the world.


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Yeah some good news to come out of 2020! I'm sure its been s**t for us all.

The ones I got was from here. Not sure if 197 uses different ones though. Might be worth double checking, if you haven't already.

Thanks bud. A mate has bought a 182 and it might need an injector, so made me think of it when you mentioned Amazon. Good price that!


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Would not have thought of going to Amazon to getting an injector, they are a good price so might end up getting a set of 4 so I can change mine next month when I take the inlet and that off to repaint and change spark plugs then that will be all fuel and ignition stuff changed for new.

Matching Recaro baby seat? They do have ISO fix therefore that makes then a family car...


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Had to go to work for a day so decided to take the RB out for a run as it's 20 miles each way. Car started and performed as it should. Seems the injector punt paid off.

Although I didn't push it, I did feather the throttle on roundabouts and the wet grip is better on the AD08RS's over the old NS2R's so that's a good start.

Took some pics on route home as I swung by to drop some bags off at the local tip.



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After i mentioned that i fixed my previous injector punt, the issue persisted. I spoke to Alex at AWM and he said he had some HT leads and genuine coil pack in stock, after we guessed it was a ignition issue. I decided to buy both off him and also ordered another 3 injectors from amazon like i did before and fitted them all.









The issue is now fixed and hasn't done it since. Not sure what part it was but happy to know its not happened since.

Pic at work a few days later


And hit 150k!



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Bought some replacement tailgate struts. Renault want loads of money last time i checked (around £100 each) and these was less than £20. @frayz has and recommended them so that's good enough for me to buy. Fitted and yeah, all good.


I like this pic, for no real reason.


Been doing a lot of headlight restorations so thought i'd give the RB ones a quick cut with perfect finish and added some Dlux.



I scuffed my 2118s on the garage door reversing in. Only quite minor, but a pet hate as ive kept them scuff free in all the years i've owned them. Met up with @MrBlonde at work so i could trial his new wheels on mine to see if i fancied a change and also so he could do his ARB bushes. They look nice and are lighter, but i just like the look of the 2118s so they'll be staying. I think RB is a funny blue and wheel style/colour do make or break it. I love white 2118s on RB but felt that the X3MA wheels in white would look as good. Wasn't sure on the color above so though about silver, but was still unsure. Maybe at a later date.





Gave the RB a oil change


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Was booked in with Alex at AW Motorworks and had previously ordered new genuine front and rear discs and rear pads, so bought some PBS pads as heard good things and i wanted to swap from my old Mintex 1144s.


A misty pic on route to work on morning


Then at Alex's getting the job list done.









The jobs that was done were:

Powder coated correct 182 subframe fitted along with my existing ARB/arms

Powerflex black series lower arm bushes supplied and fitted

Gearbox rebuilt and fitted with new clutch cable and new clutch

New discs all round with genuine rear pads and PBS front pads

2x genuine front bearings fitted

Brake pipes replaced as current ones was corroded

Brakes re-bled

Engine and gearbox oil top up

My lower arm bolts had seized in the original bushes so Alex managed to get some for next day and as mentioned, when the car was on the ramp they noticed the copper brake lines from front to rear was corroded so that was replaced also.
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  2005 RB 182 Cup
Love this.

Just remembered I didn't come back to you about headlights, sorry!
Mad how nice this looks and condition for the mileage!

Where were the struts from? Need some for the Dci not the 182 though unfortunately!

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Pics showing the scuff. It's only on one wheel but still a pet hate. I'll get them refurbished soon I think. Will get genuine stickers and will ceramic coat them.once there done.


Pic of the black series bushes. The other reason we got these was because Renault no longer sell one side arm. Can't remember which side now so the options are to poly your existing ones or buy pattern ones which normally are poo. Or find someone who has old stock.


Also I asked Alex to order me a autolight cover as mine was broken when the windscreen was replaced.


Future plans are to fit a heater which I have from Alex's old RB. We just ran out of time this time.

Change my passenger (J&R) driveshaft as the rubber is a little cracked and it also knocks. Done me OK for now but will look into a better one.

Change the brake lines going over the rear beam as there starting to go but will be OK for now.

Get the/a rear beam powdercoated and fitted along with powerflex rear bushes.

Fit a camber shim on the rear as it's a little out one side.

Front end repaint as its chipped quite badly and needs a refresh.

Paint and fit spare tailgate.

Get a rear wiper blank as I think the rear needs a little shape added to it.

Remove the blue paint from the calipers. The fronts have been plated underneath and still look decent so I will either paint the carpets and rears silver or get them plated to match.

Have spoken to Alex about a engine build too. Not sure what yet, but maybe just another refresh engine. Nothing too major as it's a daily still and I want it to be reliable.

Think that's ot for now, thanks for reading.


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Proper. Miss mine :(

I'm sure at some point you'll be back!

Love this.

Just remembered I didn't come back to you about headlights, sorry!

No worries at all Tom. Just drop me a text or message if you are still wanting them done and we can arrange if so 👍

Mad how nice this looks and condition for the mileage!

Where were the struts from? Need some for the Dci not the 182 though unfortunately!

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Thanks Jon!

Just ebay. Link is here.

Very nice work mate 👌🏻

Cheers mate 👍


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  2005 RB 182 Cup
Also, on a side note I think the X3MA wheels look really good in that dark colour. However horses for courses.