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Jon’s Clio16V beats Astra Gsi...

  320d M Sport

this anyone on here? Just downloaded a video clip of a black 16v racing a white Astra york??

  320d M Sport

err, i can email it if you like? Just downloaded from Kazaa! looks like the clio would have wasted it even more if the tyres would have gripped.
  williams and trophy

hehe yeah mate thatll be me in my old valver lol

the clips from maxd car club website......... its their web designer i think


  320d M Sport

Aha, looks like a quickun?

Ben-dont know it was never on there before, searched again and it was, d/loaded it, srearched again and itds gone?? Thats kazaa for you...!

  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

Its because the user who had it was probably not online when you searched again. Also i think there is different servers which you connect to each time.
  williams and trophy

same spec as my willy lol

standard apart from powerflow zorst n de-cat with k&n ind. kit............wasnt bad ran 15.9s down the 1/4... i raced that car for 2 years nearly and it never got better than 15.9 but it never let me down either........ it was the only 2.0 vauxhall i ever beat in it too lol
  mk2 172

well blow me down, if thats the vid i think it is then iv always wondered who that was but no one knew! had it for over a year could never find out who the valver was

anybody fancy hosting it (or emailing it to us) as i use Imesh not kazaa, but still wouldnt mind having a look, as my mate had one, but never got a chance to race him before he flogged it, this would go a bit towards winding him up.


Alex M
  mk2 172

thats it weight, mine is GWQUARTERMILE wonder where i got it from? gave up trying to find out ages ago, nice-swan jon!
  williams and trophy

hehe and thats how it should be titled too haha

that was done a couple of seasons ago i think.....maybe mid last season

well craggy mate ........... now u know who it is lol. surprised it being at york n u knowing i used to have a black valver u mitev put 2 n 2 together lol