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Just brought 306 Cab


Just put the deposit down on a 2litre 306 Cab today. I was wondering if anyone else has any views on these. Although it is to late now i would like to know what people feel bout them. It is a late Rreg with 47k in dark blue. It doesnt have leather though so I will have to get that sorted ready for next summer. the car was £8100 with full service and one owner from a garage.

I still got my Clio 16v but i love the cab and me and my old dear decided to go halfs and have it as a shared summer car. In other words my mum pays half for a car for me.

I must be the luckiest 20yr old student in the world having two resonable Phat cars.



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Hope you enjoy your Pug. My last car was an S16 Pug and although I love my 172 I still miss my Pug!

Hopefully if this warm dry weather keeps up, you will be able to get the roof down ~ that is, if you can get the car off your mum!
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my girlfriend has a p reg 306 cabby, all i can say is lovely lovely cars. they are the perfect posing tool. my gf dont like it when i drive it with my mates coz you get plenty of stares. Thats what its all about thought aint it????? happy posing ;)


Dont want to put a dampner on things just hope you dont have any probs with it. I had two 306s (an XSi and a GTi-6) and had probs with both of them on more than one occasion and service was worse than Renault!
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Cabs are great in the summer. We have a yellow Megane, and whilst theyre not exactly uncommon, you still get plenty of stares!