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just collected my freshly top end rebuilt 182,but problems!

after a lengthy run of bad luck that all started out with a shot dephaser....i got a rebuilt head due to a cambelt failure on my way home from the garage....

the engine has now done approx 150 miles or sounds silky smooth on tick-over and whilst driving,i have though noticed a very large difference in power,its no way near as lively as before nor willing to pick up and accelerate,it also sounds very throaty under load,say up a hill or accelerating,almost like its got no air box on it,it ticks over very evenly and starts without any hesitation,could this be down to a new 'tight' top end,its had 16 new valves and hydrolic followers,any advice greatly appreciated!
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I remember the last thread, was it a Renault dealer that the work was done at?

I dare say if it wasn't they won't have timed the engine back up correctly
it was the garages own mech who built the head and timed it up again,i did ask them if they had the correct locking tools and they assuered me they did,would there be any other symtoms tho of incorrect timing such as spluttering poor starting?
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There's more than one way it can be done incorrectly. The most common is for the cams to be mis-aligned, but it's not unknown for the crank to be pinned in the wrong place. There's different symptoms for different errors and different margins of error
thanks guys for youre help! i paid for this car back in december and done about 100 miles in it now over the last 4 weeks its been back to the dealer 4 times and on monday now ive gotta call the dealer back,im actually embarassed now for him.


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thats unlucky unluckydan. Get them to buy it back off you, i would be going chicken oriental by now.
o jeeeeesus i just wanted a dephaser doin 3 weeks ago now and its been 2 days off work and about 400 miles over 5 yes 5 trips to a 80 mile round trip to the dealer who supplied the car.
i think ive had enuff,many many thanks peeps for youre kind prompt responses but it would seem me and the clio 183 is just not meant to i said in my first thread,its not unluckydan for nothin.
are these cars very hard to time up or something,even with correcttools?
im not a complete spanner when it comes to er.. spanners ive done quad cam belts on my own cars before numerous times without issues but they wernt vvt
  Lionel Richie
if you've never done one then its not easy no, its NOT a tippex job (as all "normal" mechanics think it is)

i've heard of someone using a screw driver to lock the crank which is just stupid