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Just got insurance for £600 Fully Comp for my 16v!! Good pri


Had to renew my insurance as its now run out, been phoning different companies all week with figures all in excess of £1000........just phoned this company called swinton which is a broker who found a company called Highway and cost me £600!!

I am 22, 6 points (speeding -SP30 & SP60), 4yrs no claim, fully comp cover with £300 excess.

quite shocked as this is pretty cheap i think? anyone think this is a good deal?? If it isnt a good deal sh*t happens ive signed up anyway!:8

  Clio 190bhp Hybrid

Im 28 and elephant quoted me £450 with 7 years no claims.

Declared mods (air filter and magnex) and this took it up to £500 but thought best pay £50 extra rather than risk no payout if they said I did not declare mods.

Now got 3 points (the joy of a clio 16v) and will see what my insurance is like in october.

Think you got a good price.


I was with Highway last year as they quoted me a bloody good price too (about £700). It wasnt until I had a little prang that I realised why they are so cheap...their customer service is bloody crap!! I had the accident in November and got the cheque a couple of months ago. If you just want a cheap premium then go for it but if you have a little dink, good luck!!

i had the same problem with highways, i phonned around a got a new quote through a brooker and when my documents came through guess who the insurance company is, yep highways. what i dont understand is i got a renewal form through the post and thought it was to high so phonned around and got a cheaper quote plus gettin fully comp and its with the same company. not that im complaning.