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Just had a really funny race!!


The funniest thing just happened! Was driving back from a mates house at about 12:30 and what looked like a W-reg Clio RSi decided he wanted to have a go! Well its been raining like mad round Herts for the past month and he was in front, taking roundabouts like a nutter! I was having trouble following him in my 172 simply because he was going so fast on the turns.

Anyway, he must have been a bit new to the game coz it didnt last and his back end swung out on the 3rd roundabout. I could see him flailing about in the drivers seat trying to hold the car but the whole thing slammed up onto the curb/verge and rested in some bushes!! I was in hysterics.

Naturally I did the decent thing and drove slowly past him waving the t0sser salute. Was dead funny though. If youre out there mate - fair play for the attempt, you certainly had no fear of wet roundabouts. To bad it ultimately ended in tears!!:oops:

Yeah, he had gone when I drove past about 5 mins later. I dont think he was going fast enough to do much damage except giving the springs a crunch as he went up the curb