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just saying hello+ questions

Hello as you can tell im new to these parts.

At the mo ive got a fiesta ZetecS, waits for the ford jokes lol its a great car just a tad slow but the handling is spot on. Next year im thinking of changing my car and the 172 is on my shopping list after reading so many good things about it.

Firstly ive heard a few things about reliabilaty being dodgy has anyone had any problem with there cars so far and is there anything i should look out for when buying one any common faults? Anyone had any bad expirences?

How do they handle & perform compared with other cars in its class eg CTR, seat Lean CR & Focus ST170?

And last thing for now, just tell me what you think of them..

Thanks for any help in advance



ClioSport Admin
  Maserati Ghibli S

Hi Matt and welcome...

You might get a slightly one sided opinion of 172s on here! ;)

My advice is to go out and test drive one, and if you like it, buy it. You wont be dissapointed, and reliability isnt a problem.
  2005 Audi A3 3.2 Quattro

The 172 is a great car.

Only real downsides are the very heavy clutch, but you quickly get used to that. Everything else about the car is awesome, from the handling to the power!

If you get one, youll love it


  Audi TT Stronic

My 172 Doesnt have a heavy clutch, infact I would say its quite light.

My pug 205 GTi used to have a bugger of a heavy clutch, it actually hurt the ball of my foot in traffic. !

172s are great, really fast, and handle really well ... get one !
  Megane 225 baby! :)

so has mine, thought it was personal!

MattyB - go for the 172 - wouldnt be without mine now!


  Audi TT Stronic

maybe they lightened up the clutch on the 172 mk2 ? just a thought, but I could in no way describe my clutch as heavy.

cool thanks for your replys,

so whats the difference between the MK1 & mK2 172 apart from the styling? any handling or performance diffrences?

Mk1s lighter, tad quicker, not noticeable. though really...starting to look a little dated compared to mk2s (sorry!) Ive heard mk2s are more fun to drive.

have had no probs with mine apart from self-induced ones!

prefer the front end on mine, new one looks too "beaky" to me.but would swap the dash in a second.mine looks good but near usless, no where for drinks,normal car junk or a flat surface for my car phone.mk2 a lot better inside.

wheel spin can be an issue though as mk1s dont have traction control.but more fun! wouldnt bother with cup. a/c is great and abs might save you and your car one day!

but remember clio is a class smaller than ctr,leon etc...........but very,very happy with mine.