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Knocking!!! Front drivers side??? Shaft? hub?

  Clio 172 + 4 others!
When i go round a left bend over 20mph ive got a real bad knocking on the front hub area, drivers side!!

It happens when i turn the corner when im accelarating and also if i go around the corner in neutral.

If im in a car park and turn around tight, slowly etc it doesnt do anything, So i dont think its a CV joint.

Its sounds like the whole wheel is shaking and only does it on left bends!!! :mad:

Mrs wont drive the car now as its getting really bad.

its a clio 172 2002.
Sounds stupid but first thing to check is wheel nuts are tight.

We get no end of people with this problem @ work and thats all it is.

Other than that umm.......

Anyone else?! lol.
  172 cup'd extreme
wishbone bushes
Anti roll bar bushes
ball joint
how many miles has it done and how do you normally drive it?
  Clio 1.4 16v Billabong
Yes might not be the case but when i had my pug it dis the same thing and it was a crack in the axel it still safe but you wont be able to see it but if you take it to a garage they will be able to find it. it can also be the exhaust is not fitted correct. £400 for cracked axel. Hope this helps