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Lancia Delta HF Turbo vs 172

One of my mates has a Lancia Delta HF Turbo (Martini special edition - twin head lights) that he is rebuilding. Apparently it has an Integrale Turbo and custom manifold/exhaust and runs 160 bhp with no other mods. The standard fuel injected cars were 140 bhp.

Opinions please on the HF turbo, tuning potential, vs 172 and anything else related to the subject.




ClioSport Club Member
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The HF Turbo is a quick car and may beat the 172 (just) in a straight line, but any twisty stuff will even things up, as these are still only a fwd car I believe, but if it were a 4wd then youd be f*cked!

Tuning potential is great on any turbo car and it would be possible to get some big power out of the Lancia lump, but even just raising the boost a little will give a good dose of performance. Going further still he could spend a lot of money, but get a lot of power, so its all down to the individual.

If it was a Delta Integrale 16v Evo 2, it would have 210bhp and 220lb/ft of torque: enough to see off a 172 Id say!

These cars seem to be very rare. Ive searched the internet can cant find very much about it - everything seems to be Integrale based which is understandable.Hes had to do loads of welding cos of rust but now its sorted. Its got a 1.6 (twin cam I think) engine with the integrale manifold/turbo so reckon with some tweeking should easily get 200 bhp. Im not sure how heavy they weight?

The 1.6 8v Delta HF Turbo has 140bhp and 141lb/ft as standard. It weighs just over 1300kg and has enough poke to see off 0-60 in 7.6secs and top whack of 123mph. Works out as something under 110bhp/per ton.

Definitely 172 standard form.