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LED side lights (PULLED)

  proton compact 1.3 GLi
brought LED sidelights from halfords bout a week ago (thought they were a bit illegal but not really sure) got pulled just now thought the police officer was on bout my zenoens (convorsion kit ) so played dum and said they were off a clio sport so were perfectly legal. Then i clicked, relised he was on bout my side lights (LMAO) then i was warned if i dont change them in 24hours i will gwt a 12 month ban (lol)

the only thing is i wasnt pulled (the officer was in front of me) he didnt take my number plate didnt ask bout insurane or driving licence so wondering if its worth changing them or risking it? (only modified clio 1.2 in my area in my colour)

surely i should of been given a written warning or sumin :dapprove:
  Ph1 track 172
i was pulled up for not havin legal rear lights, (black ones)
unless they give you a VDN (vehicle defect notice)
then theres nothing they can do except give you one the next time,
thats all they can do for something like this,
means you pay a small fine, and need to get it stamped that its road legal by an mot station,
bt if they din give u ne paper work, screw em,
my lights are still blacker than ever :D
and a 12 month ban for sidelights is just them being t***s.
  Coilovered Clio Dynamique
To be honest i was advised by a police officer that smoking while driving could land me in trouble, i thought that to be a little over the top!
  "Navy" N17 TWO
Halfrauds - enough said :rolleyes: throw them away!
Road legal sidelights (that match Xenons) are cheaper on Ebay! :D


ClioSport Club Member
They can't ban you for that, and they need to give you more than a day to get it sorted lol.
I have LED sidelights in and passed an MOT, surely if they were illegal then the car wouldn't pass? Is this a vaid argument?
  Stagecoach Ticket
hahaha if that ever happens again be a right di*k back if your car is legal and ask for a stop and search ticket, a breif discription of what you have been warned on and why they are illegal and the section of the highway code that you are in breech of. Also ask that it be logged in the police officers note book of events that evening.
  clio 1.2 16v,
led sidelight are perfectly legal if they are standered "amber" or a very sim ilar color to your headlights,

did you lbuy like blue ones

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