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lowering a 197 cup??

  Clio 197 cup
Hi all need some advise, which is my best option, coilover pack, or is it a case of just getting the springs??:S
  Italian 3.2 V6
H&R springs are ment to e good so iv herd, an inch drop or so i think and improved handling to match.

coilovers would obv be alot better but depends how deep your pockets are.. best bet would be to go onto and see if you can get any 2nd hand coilovers.
  Black Clio GT
depnds on what you want to use the car for and how deep your pockets are and how you want it to look/perform...

eibah/h&r springs are the only ones i would buy for a 197 and will cost about £150-£200

wouldnt bother with cheap coilovers either so your talking around 1k for kw v2 or similar adjuatable damping and around £700 for fixed rate coilovers...