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M140 Thread


ClioSport Club Member
I found my adaptive setup a good blend of soft and comfortable, and slightly less soft if the mood took me.

I've ridden twice in passive cars with Bilstein dampers and the transformation is HUGE!
I agree with this. Perfectly comfortable and fine when in normal mode then if you want turn it to sport and it firmed it right up, or it did it to my liking at least.
If I were to have another I would go passive and then replace with Bilstein dampers.

I also need to not read this thread. As I really enjoyed having mine but didn't miss it when I got rid of it. But now I am having second thoughts....this is not helped by the fact I might be in need of a car that I don't want to fiddle with and just work all the time which is why I got one in the first place.


ClioSport Club Member
Mark, if anyone is going to know the answer, its going to be you! How did the Bilsteins transform the car? Ive heard it makes it more 'compliant' down a B road but without making it wishy washy. Thoughts please :)

Note that I said "ridden" and not "driven", so this is all just from the passenger seat, but both cars were driven very enthusiastically...

Driving normally both felt as smooth, plush, and comfortable as my adaptive car did when in its comfort/soft setting, but when pressing on, they felt more taught and better controlled than my car did in its firmer setting.

I'm at Bedford with one of them in early August and I'm hoping to get a session behind the wheel.


ClioSport Club Member
i don't really have anything to compare to, and i sacrificed adaptive in the end as i couldn't find one with other spec i was looking for, but agree with @Sidnancy they are a bit firm with std suspension, but for 95% of my driving it's never been an issue for me.
The guy I was buying the fuel pump on is messing me around which isn’t a bad thing as I’m swaying to finishing off the chassis.

Will be adding m3 lower control arms and tension struts then getting the alignment done to suit (will run a little more camber on the rear)

Had a set of Goodyear Eagle F1 supersports fitted and gave her a clean.

After ditching the RFT’s and with the B14’s the car is really comfy, supple and handles so much better than stock. It’s comfier than my 330e company car!

It needs a splitter as the front end lacks aggression