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  Clio 1.6 swap 2l
Hello I’m wondering about mapping my Clio 172 engine and one company told me I’ll get plus 10hp and the other one told me he can get it to 220hp. My list of mods: ac/ power steering delete, decat, 182 manifold, ported inlet and the bigger throttle body from ms, Ducati 330cc injectors and I’ll be getting a light weight flywheel. What’s your thoughts basically, thanks !


ClioSport Club Member
  Frankenstein Twingo
go to a reputable place, EFI Parts would be my recommendation, but yeah good map will give more all over its not just about peak numbers. 170 to 180bhp if your timing is correct. Get group N timing before getting mapped would be my choice.
  Clio 1.6 swap 2l
Thanks I was thinking the numbers I was given where a bit high, it’s just a few of my mates have gone to him and they claim to have huge increases but I know that you can’t gain to much from a clio so when He said 210\ 220 off a map I just couldn’t believe him