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MarkCup's BMW M140i


ClioSport Club Member
Great video Mark.

Has the Bedford track day changed your thoughts on further modifications?


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Yes it has.

I was thinking of different pads to go with the ATE fluid I currently have, but now I think why bother?!

They wouldn't increase the fun I had, and I wasn't really using all that the standard pads had to give.


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A couple of updates on my ownership and something significant I've learned that I kind of knew already but it's just been 100% confirmed...

1st, Bedford, a round-up of how it went... there's not much here I haven't said in an earlier post, but thinking about it more, I'm completely amazed it did what it did while suffering as good as zero wear on the consumables. I must try harder next time on track, use more of what the wearables have to give.

2nd, I had the Goodwood Road Racing Club Autosolo on Sunday...and I'm officially 100% hooked!

Last time in March (just before lockdown came) I had a total blast, and ended the day not only winning my class, but also being fastest overall on the day. This turned out to be a timing error, I wasn't fastest overall, and I didn't win my class. Still, the chilled Veuve Clicquot was nice that night :ROFLMAO: I did let the chap know who won for real and also told the GRRC of their error but they never even acknowledged my email...

So, having spent Saturday giving the 140 a very rare going over, I rocked up, super early on Sunday buzzing for the day ahead...



Bit of unusual spot in the paddock


And an entire paddock full of 15 of these bad boys (complete with 24hr security guard)


At sign on I was greeted with "Mr Briggs, you're here to defend your title today!?".

Erm, awkward face.


With that done, and with far too many cameras setup, and with my number more carefully placed to avoid being within my line-of-sight, we set about the runs. I was in class D which was RWD cars over 2000cc, meaning these were some of my competitors...





There were a good few Caymans and a Clio V6 as well in my class...I thought I might be in with a chance.

Knowing what to expect made for a different experience this time out. Accuracy is everything as cones cost 5 seconds, so that was my main focus and I managed the entire day, 12 runs across 4 different courses without tagging a single cone. I did get one "wrong course" penalty on the 3rd course but the other two runs on course 3 were there or thereabouts.

I've an absolute sh*t ton of video to get on with editing and a Scooby Type R video to get completed before I do, so for now this is all I have. My fastest run from course 3...

What did I learn about me, my car, and Autosolos?

1. Tyre pressures...once warmed up I had way to much up front, and not enough at the back, and I took nothing to adjust them with. This meant that on the mini 'roundabouts' even when hard on the throttle in 1st gear it was just pushing the front wide. I could have borrowed a gauge I'm sure, but I left them and made do with what grip I had. Next time I'll make sure I have some proper front end purchase.

2. Handbrake...don't forget to tape the button up! I used it a few times to get some rotation started on the really slow tight turns and I've seen from one of my runs I didn't release it properly...I expect there's more runs where it happened too.

3. Use the TORQUE! I spent far too long in 1st gear thinking it would give me better punch, 1st to 2nd to 1st to 2nd etc. That made me too busy, and gave me far too many chances of making a mistake! My fastest runs came where I mainly used second and focussed on carving a smooth balanced line carrying greater speed from gate to gate rather than accelerate, BRAKE HARD, turn, accelerate.

4. I can do these things with the windows down. It only occurred to me on the last run of the day, it's not a trackday, normal rules don't apply. It was a glorious hot and sunny day, so I knocked the aircon off for a few more BHPs, opened the window, and revelled in the engine noise, the tyre chirps and howls, and the strong smell of distressed tyres and brakes that wafted in as I pulled up at the final timing gate 😁

I knew from comparing the odd time or two with others that I was sort of there pace wise but thought the overall fastest on the day was well out of reach...which it was, won by the pilot of a Caterham R610 or was basically completely carbon fibre, very nice, and zero intertia!

However, it turns out that I did do enough for the class win 😁😁😁😁😁 I was told my runs were "the most entertaining to watch by far" and there was lots of interest in what my car actually was! The joys of being de-badged.


I'm waiting for the times spreadsheet to come through to see just how much I was off the Caterham's times and how I did against others in my class.

I can't wait for the next one.

Lastly, what's the big thing I've learned? Don't work with anyone else when it comes to video!

The video at the top, the Bedford original upload had some footage of a chap sliding his 140 about like a madman. I thought it could make a good close to the video. I asked him if I could use it, he said OK but wanted me to present it in a way that wouldn't make him readily identifiable. We discuused, we agreed, black and white, slightly grainy, significantly cropped, he was fine, I could use it. So I did.

Then a couple of slightly negative comments are left and he wants me to cut that bit out. Great. Videos can't be edited in situ on YT, and I'd linked that one all over FB so down it came. Luckily, I could close with the dialog I had (often, I would have filmed entirely around the topic), so what you see above is after that change.

Further to this, the Scooby Type R thing. I drove it the Sunday before last and it's incredible. Mad. So nice to drive, and feels so quick. We spent 6 hours together, filming static shots, a walkaround. The the in-car drive and dialog, external shots, chase cam from the tow eye mount on my car. Brilliant. Loads of footage in the bag.

Then 24 hours later "mate, I know I said I'd be fine with it, but can you not show my numberplate...".

That's just added hours and hours and hours to my editing workload. Thanks. I'd have filmed accordingly if you'd said that up front.

Never again. I don't care what I'm offered a drive in. And breathe...
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Excellent update, I'll pretend I haven't watched the videos already! :D

Firstly, CONGRATS on winning the class again, you've nailed how to be quick as I thought you would have. Unfortunately there's a reason why caterhams are autotest specials but they are reachable if not driven properly, but to be the best of everyone else... You did brilliantly.

You have TPMS don't you? Could have done a 1 second hiss each side. Yes, having the windows down is awesome, I love having them down for eau de michelin, but just make sure it's not raining, as I learned the hard way. Was just spitting when I pulled up to the line with both windows down...
All the water ran off the roof when I turned and flew in the window soaking me LOL

As for the Bedford review, to me it just shows how hard PS4s are to beat, they literally do everything fantastically. And doing a trackday without wrecking a set of tyres isn't really a bad thing. Clean drivers are smooth drivers and smooth drivers are fast drivers! Not like you didn't hang the ass out at all though.

That's s**t about both the other 140 owner and the Type R owner... I barely do any editing and it takes me ages, to turn around and say you want your numberplate blurred out of 10-20 minutes of footage showing literally just that car... Well, that's a bit of a tosspot move, although perhaps they didn't really understand how much work would be involved. I'm looking forward to the review though!


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I did a couple of auto solos with the Farnborough motor club, absolute hoot and a really cheap half day of fun. Unfortunately my 200 was in a class with things much faster a lighter.


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  Clio 182
I've witnessed a track spec m135i at Anglesey and nothing on track that day could touch it. He was flying past other things, out braking everything apart from a Mclaren P1.

It goes to show how capable these cars can be once they're setup correctly.


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Driving it like I stole it for real 😝

Watching these runs back over and over again as I have been for the last few weeks, I realise how much time I left out there. There is definitely an overall win in the car, and me, if I can read the course a little better.



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Where is the Mic located on the track vids? Sounds awesome.

Looks like you could brake alot later and harder on the trackday vids. Other than that, all top notch!
That was a cheap crappy GoPro Hero mounted above the tailpipe on a towhook mount. I've been pleasantly surprised with jow well they seem to deal with any wind noise, and what they pick up exhaust noise wise does sound good.

Agreed on the track action, braking is 100% my focus next time out, I want to find out exactly what they've got.


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Bold statement.
Not even that Impreza....
If I had that and drove it regularly it would cost a fortune!

At least with this I can daily it, track it, compete in it, and all without giving too many f***s. It's a complete all-rounder, not much bigger than my Fiesta ST (quite a bit heavier though, granted) but with 360bhp/400lbsft, and an easy 30+ mpg if I want it.

It is therefore the best car ever 😘

Oh, and it does big skids too. Bestest car everer.


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  Jim's rejects
Does it tick the 'appearance' box though? Genuine question. The 116d lolz but what do you make of it Vs the Focus RS for image?
Will it be a future classic? Or is it just a current fit your requirements and in 10 years you might think otherwise?
Could you better it with upgrades to take your attraction to the next level? Surely stock is just average and you don't feel you're missing out on any upgrade?

Not doubting, just devils advocate. Offering video ideas also foc. Lol.


ClioSport Club Member
Does it tick the 'appearance' box though? Genuine question. The 116d lolz but what do you make of it Vs the Focus RS for image?
Will it be a future classic? Or is it just a current fit your requirements and in 10 years you might think otherwise?
Could you better it with upgrades to take your attraction to the next level? Surely stock is just average and you don't feel you're missing out on any upgrade?

Not doubting, just devils advocate. Offering video ideas also foc. Lol.
Genuinely, image is of zero concern, and if anything, I much prefer the anonymous 116d look. When I specced my RS, I went for an unusual colour/wheel combination for that exact purpose, I'm not someone that feels a need to be noticed!

Will it be a classic? I've no idea. I think it will be appreciated for what it is, which is a car with performance easily equivalent to last generation M cars but for not far off 116d running costs.

There are many things I could do to it to improve that missing zing/feel, but none of them are going to materially change the car other than make it faster (meh) or make it less comfortable/more fidgety (no thanks).

As I said, I like that it's just a boggo standard 1 series to 99.9% of people that see it, but if I choose I can easily rip away from them faster than a E46 M3 CSL if I want to.

Leaving big dark black lines behind while I do it. Lovely.