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Marks Mk3 1.4

  Renault Clio 2003
Clio Mk3 1.4
Bought my first car back in August and it happens to be a Clio! The Mk3 3dr 1.4 version.
Don't plan on doing an awful lot to it but thought I'd start a thread to get some ideas off yous.

So far Ive done -
  • Lowered 45mm on H&R Springs
  • 16inch Alloys
  • Interior LED upgrade
  • Colour coded bump strips
What I Plan to do -
  • Team Heko wind deflectors
  • Colour code door handles and rear bumper inserts
  • 197 grill inserts
Although If any of yous have any other ideas, Id love to hear them! I'll upload pictures tomorrow of whats been done so far.

Here's how the car looked when I bought it!