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Mcd's Car Park Asda Barnsley


  Flaming Inferno 225
Artic Blue 182

Inferno Red 225

Iceberg Silver 172 Ph1 and a Ph2

Black 171

Between 9.30pm and 11pm last night, was strange seeing the artic 182 and an inferno 225 as thats what me and sarah were in thought some one had stole them at 1st, lol
  Iceberg 172 Cup
lol, i wasnt out last night but i would have been there too in my RB 182 Cup (it has black team dynamics)

the 225 is chris homers, the ph2 172 is adams (my mate)

the blue 182 is this kid (not sure of his name) he hasnt had it long...

and the the black 172 is dales lol :rasp: