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Megane 2.0 Bottom end..................

Have just been offered a 2.0 16v bottom end for £300, it is out of 98 megane and has done 44k with FRSH, what do you reckon, shall I have it comes with the Starter and other bits and bobs have got to give him a call back advice please on how much it is going to cost to get it fitted and what else I need to think about

Cheers Marcus

fecking buy it and hurry up about it, if you dont, then telll me whos selling it and ill snap it up, its well cheap. think nick hill will charge about 600 to have it fitted i guess. but you never know it may be more or could be less

  mk2 172

a mechanic, then buy hillpower stage 1 ecu to fit. think that its pretty easy.might be wrong..........