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MK 2 Paint problems

Everytime a bird drops its load on my car it leaves a mark that I cant get off, has to be removed by having the car polished at body shop.

Sometimes only on there for 10 min

Anyone else had this problem? Please let me know



Yes its comon problem, not only to mk II but all colours.... The only thing you can do is to remove as fast as possible the bird drops:(
  Ford Fiesta

it can actually be polished off then? do you claim under warranty? how much if not?

Ive had this problem too.
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Just hose it off and wax the car - unless youve got birds unlike any Ive encountered its no big deal!! What do you feed your local birds on - H2SO4??

Unfortunately cant claim polishing under paint warranty. First polish was a good will gesture by supplying dealer. Havent dared pricing up getting it done myself!

As for hosing off, took ten minutes graft to get the last dropping off, just a few minutes after it appeared. Gloucester sunshine seems to bake it on within seconds.

Besides, if Id wanted a half matt, half shiny Clio Id have specified it on ordering!