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Mk1 172 to a Williams?

  BMW E46 330i Touring
Building on my previous thoughts of changing, and witnessing a few Williams at recent trackdays / meets, I'm wondering whether this would be viable.... seeing as they really seem to go some, handle like go-karts and have 'the look'.

I know it's a much-discussed topic, but what do people think, keep the 172 or pick up a Willy and a bit of spare cash towards a house deposit? Would the Willy be any less reliable, on average, than the RS?

I thought about doing the same last year but once I'd done the maths I wouldn't of saved any cash at all buying one.
  BMW E46 330i Touring
Lol, if I did it wouldn't be so much for performance reasons, as just a change of scenary but equally fun.

Day, how would it not free up any cash? I'd imagine you can get a fairly decent condition Willy for £2.5/3k now and the 172's will fetch £4.5/5k?
i would swap my 172 for the right williams, no cash involved!

but it would have to be the right williams ;)
  Renault Laguna Coupe
I've seen them, and been annihilated by them, on loads of trackdays. There is nothing, but nothing, like a Clio Williams. Doubt it will save you any money though :)
I would swop for a good one its a more fun car the WIlliams getting a good one involved either a lot of seraching or a bad one and money spent on new stuff.
Good ones are so rare though now and the fact that its never usually cost effective to sell them based on the money spent maintaining etc, people seem to be more often than not keeping them as second cars. Even mint ones seem to go for 3kish not really worth selling imo.