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Mk1- Oil Light Coming on (1.4 energy lump)

My oil light keeps coming on once the engines warmed up, plenty of oil in there. The gauge shows as being just above red but the dipstick shows plenty. Its not losing oil anywhere and runs sweet as a nut.

Cleaned the sender/sensor switch yesterday as there was some oil in it which I thought may be causing it to malfunction

Is the indicator gauge pressure or level? Is this a common issue? I suspect it to be a faulty sensor. Only had the problem since I rebuilt the top end :(
Unbolt your oil pressure sensor and if it trickles out you have a leak somewere are a knackered pump. If it pours out very fast it will be a faulty oil pressure sensor.
Can't see it losing oil anywhere and it's been like this for a good 4 months now without affecting the level or needing to top up?

Took the sensor out to clean it the other day but didn't unbolt it?