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Mk2 172 exhaust/brake problems

When I thrash the nuts off my poor little 172, Ive noticed that over 5750rpm the exhaust rattles - a very tinny rattle. Any ideas? Are the baffles shot already?

Ive also noticed that theres a rattle coming off the brakes at low speed, sort of a squealing noise. If you gently apply the brakes it disappears for a while. Ideas?


If ive been thrashing my 172 I often get a tinny rattle when I pull up, maybe the same thing.
Dont know why it is though Im afraid.

A few people here have suffered or are suffering (me included) from the tinny/metallic exhaust rattle on high rpms. Have you read the latest edition of EVO? Their long term test Clio had the same problem - loose baffles or something. Seems to be a very common problem. Im going to have mine looked at when the 1st service is due, which is very soon (poor wallet!). :(

I have, but must have missed the bit about that! It only seems to rattle when youre really booting it - shame!

Mines been rattling for the past 1000 miles. Makes the car sound awfull.

Renault have ordered a new center section exhaust under warranty.